CESP is a non-profitable organization dedicated to audit of media measurement systems and media research consulting worldwide. Supporting media industries for 60 years all over the world, CESP has developed an extensive knowledge on the measurement of the main media.

CESP Approach:

  • Support media measurement system at each step to guarantee alignment with media measurement global standards.
  • Through its extended experience, CESP is willing to gather all involved members of media industry in order to develop mutual support and effective communication around media measurement system.
  • On a larger scale, CESP is also a forum for the promotion of scientific approaches and best research practices in terms of media measurement.

CESP Main Missions:

  • Supporting media research industries on tender process for media measurement. 
  • Full audit of media measurement systems to guarantee alignment with global standards. 
  • Ongoing consulting on media measurement systems.

CESP Team:

CESP is combining expertise coming from its permanent team of 20 media professionals and its Scientific Committee.

CESP Scientific Committee includes 20 members and is the main contact with Statistics experts and Media industry professionals. Consisted in parity of academic personalities and media industry representatives, the Scientific Committee leans on the work of the permanent team to establish its audit conclusions and recommendations.

  • It guarantees the perfect alignment with global industry standards in terms of media measurement.
  • It is the pledge of qualitative and operational recommendations, integrated in CESP audits.

CESP International Experience:

Since 1997, CESP has been conducting audits on leading measurement systems and consulting missions for media Joint Industry Committees in more than 20 countries in Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia. CESP conducts audits in the guidance of the global standard rules of media measurement and local specificities. It includes integration of local research and market specifies.

The main keys of CESP global successful approach are:

  • Perfect knowledge of the media and advertising industry in a very dynamic and moving media environment.
  • The robustness of CESPs audit and recommendations based on the dedicated consultants and Scientific Committee collective knowledge.
  • As a third party, CESP ensure transparency on a market in order to make audience results a common currency.
  • CESP has developed an active partnership in Middle East.

During last years, CESP has developed an extensive experience on audience measurement surveys in the Middle East by conducting audits of the leading audience measurement systems in the zone and supporting actively the deployment of new measure in main countries in the Pan-Arabic area.

All through these projects, CESP international team has acquired a thorough knowledge of specificities of Arabic countries. The team also built strong relationship of trust with main players involved in Pan-Arabic measurement systems TV broadcasters, media agencies, advertisers, institutes).

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