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Audience Measurement in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

GfK is a globally trusted market research company with 70 years of experience and subsidiaries in more than 100 countries. Our TV audience measurement operation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been set-up with the mission to supply state-of-the-art overnight TV ratings for the TV Market.


We collect data about TV consumption in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in a representative sample of the population a so called panel. The GfK TV audience measurement panel comprises 2,000 panel households in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with approximately 10,500 individuals aged 4 or over. The participating panel homes are equipped with special meter devices, the GfK meters, to which the TV sets are connected. Our GfK Meters collect the channels viewed and who in the panel households is watching. This data is transmitted overnight to the GfK data center in Riyadh, where is processed to become the TV ratings.

Every day at 10:00 A.M , 365 days a year, the KSA media market is provided with the TV ratings of the previous day . TV Station get a clear picture of how successful their programs are and advertisers and media planners are offered a reliable and efficient way to place TV ads and to control their performance according to their specific objectives.

Key Benefits:

  • The Panel members with their TV viewing behavior have - to some extend - an influence on the program planning and enrich the content on Television.
  • The Broadcasters get the insights they need to do the right modification on their channels and offer successful programs in the KSA.
  • The Advertisers know when, where and what to promote on TV and they can focus precisely on their preferred target groups.

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